Personal Portfolio


Aniwat Phaphuangwittayakul

International College of Digital Innovation, Chiang Mai University


Degree University Year
D.Eng. (Computer Science and Technology) East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) 2023
M.S. (Control Science and Engineering) Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) 2017
B.Sc. (Computer Engineering) Chiang Mai University 2012

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Generative Model, Few-Shot Learning


Authors Title Year Source title
Phaphuangwittayakul A.; Ying F.; Guo Y.; Zhou L.; Chakpitak N. Few-shot image generation based on contrastive meta-learning generative adversarial network 2023 Visual Computer
Phaphuangwittayakul A.; Ying F.; Guo Y.; Guohui; Santisookrat S. Adaptive adversarial prototyping network for few-shot prototypical translation 2023 Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
Phaphuangwittayakul A.; Guo Y.; Ying F.; Dawod A.Y.; Angkurawaranon S.; Angkurawaranon C. An optimal deep learning framework for multi-type hemorrhagic lesions detection and quantification in head CT images for traumatic brain injury 2022 Applied Intelligence
Phaphuangwittayakul A.; Guo Y.; Ying F. Fast Adaptive Meta-Learning for Few-Shot Image Generation 2022 IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
Dawod A.Y.; Phaphuangwittayakul A.; Angkurawaranon S. A hybrid method for traumatic brain injury lesion segmentation 2022 International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dawod A.Y.; Phaphuangwittayakul A.; Ying F.; Angkurawaranon S. Adaptive slices in brain haemorrhage segmentation based on the slic algorithm 2021 Engineering Letters
Phaphuangwittayakul A.; Guo Y.; Ying F.; Xu W.; Zheng Z. SELF-ATTENTION RECURRENT SUMMARIZATION NETWORK WITH REINFORCEMENT LEARNING FOR VIDEO SUMMARIZATION TASK 2021 Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo
Dawod A.Y.; Phaphuangwittayakul A. Adaptive Image Segmentation for Traumatic Brain Haemorrhage 2021 TEM Journal
Panpeng V.; Fang M.; Phaphuangwittayakul A.; Rattanadamrongaksorn T. Preliminary study and implementation of chiang mai tourism platform based on dosa 2021 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Wang S.; Malang K.; Yuan H.; Phaphuangwittayakul A.; Lv Y.; Lowdermilk M.D.; Geng J. Extracting Skeleton of the Global Terrorism Network Based on m-Modified Topology Potential 2020 Complexity
Malang K.; Wang S.; Phaphuangwittayakul A.; Lv Y.; Yuan H.; Zhang X. Identifying influential nodes of global terrorism network: A comparison for skeleton network extraction 2020 Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
Malang K.; Wang S.; Lv Y.; Phaphuangwittayakul A. Skeleton network extraction and analysis on bicycle sharing networks 2020 International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining
Tiammee S.; Wongyai J.; Udomwong P.; Phaphuangwittayakul A.; Saenchan L.; Chanaim S. Smart farming in Thailand 2019 2019 13th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications, SKIMA 2019
Phaphuangwittayakul A.; Saranwong S.; Panyakaew S.-N.; Inkeaw P.; Chaijaruwanich J. Analysis of Skill Demand in Thai Labor Market from Online Jobs Recruitments Websites 2018 Proceeding of 2018 15th International Joint Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, JCSSE 2018
Yuan H.; Malang K.; Lv Y.; Phaphuangwittayakul A. From complex network to skeleton: M j -Modified topology potential for node importance identification 2018 Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)