Personal Portfolio


Pintusorn Onpium

International College of Digital Innovation CMU


December 13, 2023


December 13, 2023


Degree University Year
PhD Integrated Tourism Management National Institute of Development Administration 2018
Master of Economic & Management in Tourism University de Perpignan via Domitia 2007
MBA in Hotel and Tourism Management Silpakorn University International College 2007
BA German Chiang Mai University 2002

Research Interest

  • Cultural Tourism Management

  • Tourism Planning and Development

  • Smart Tourism


Authors Title Year Source title
Lyu X.; Ying F.; Onpium P. Scene Style Conversion Algorithm of AI Digital Host: A Deep Learning Approach 2023 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Edge Computing and Applications, ICECAA 2023
Wang Z.; Udomwong P.; Fu J.; Onpium P. Destination image: A review from 2012 to 2023 2023 Cogent Social Sciences
Wang Z.; Udomwong P.; Fu J.; Onpium P. Unveiling The Interplay Between E-WOM Image and Perceived Image: A Case study of Chendu China 2023 International Joint Conference on Hospitality and Tourism 2023 (IJCHT-23): Reactivate, Rebuild, Resilience: “Tourism and Hospitality Sustainable Development Goals
Wang Z.; Udomwong P.; Onpium P. Building Food-Based Destination Image in Meishan City: Inspirations from Korean Kimchi 2022 Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, Francis Academic Press, UK
Jatuprayoon, C.; Arree B.; Onpium P. Management of Cultural Tourism of Tai Lue community, Ban Thi, Lamphun 2020 Proceeding of the 6th Rajabhat University National and International Research and Academic Conference 2020
Onpium P.; Kaewnuch K. The Conceptual and Value Assessment of Potential Cultural Heritage Tourism Resources 2018 The Second International Conference on Nation-Building 2018: Innovative Solutions for Rural Development to Move towards a Developed Country